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Glimmerglass Festival

I'm currently the Shop Intern at the Glimmerglass Festival this winter. This wasI took this opportunity to redefine my fundamentals in carpentry and experience a northeast winter. I'm currently helping to build the sets for upcoming summer season. This internship has given me more experience with metalwork and MIG welding on a large scale.   also getting closer to my culmination at PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre. Currently keeping my options after summer open and eager to see where I go next.

Up Next:

Summer 2020

I'm pleased to announce I'll be joining the Bard SummerScape team at Bard College this summer!  Glad to be joining familiar faces this summer as  I venture to my position as a staff carpenter. Currently enjoying my time at the Glimmerglass Festival! Where I have been an intern for the past year. Bittersweet feeling as I will be leaving my mentors.