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Moose Puzzle

12   /   29   /   2018

Personal Project

So when I first started this project I wanted to challenge myself with something fun and something that I can apply different skills. The source of this idea came from my research into taxidermy. I was also looking at puzzles and thought I could combine the two.


After a few weeks figuring how this puzzle was to come about I applied the stencils to  ¼" Baltic Birch plywood and did my cuts. I haven't done much to it since but my highly considering these following steps: prime and paint it a cool drip paint design, Drill holes throughout and run LED diodes inside, apply dacron for facial hair, and cover the back with green paint and apply moss. I hope to highlight the shapes and colors of this project and give it a cool look. I also wish to better at taking process photos for this neat project.

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